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After Beatitude the Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros El-Rahy, when he was the Maronite bishop in Jbeil (Byblos) signed the official document on September 26, 2006, for affecting the real estate No. 1417 – Edde – Jbeil to the Brothers of the Cross and the Sisters of Jesus Crucified, which Saint Simon El Aamoudi Religious Estates (Machhalan) handed over. Both Orders started the building project under Father Hanna Khadra with the help of benefactors, relying on God’s care and the intercession of our Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces.

Anything to be built on the said real estate shall be used by the Order of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified.

1- A large church named after the Father of All People.

2- The first convent for nuns, named Blessed Virgin Mary clothed with the sun and Bride of the Holy Spirit.

3- A wing for guests.

4- A center called Holy Child Jesus of Prague, served by nuns within their apostolic life, to educate and bring up children on ethical and Christian principles, to live with the support of Church’s sacraments and to focus on the importance of family life, on obeying and respecting parents and clergy and civil laws. The center will hold an estimated one hundred children, and render these services on a free basis

5- A tower for a cross, on the bottom of which there is a shrine called Jesus Crucified.

After the monks have finished work on the property intended for the nuns, they shall attempt to build a monastery for themselves called The Divine Word, along with a free center for spiritual exercises called The Holy Spirit, and a church called Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe and Bride of the Holy Spirit. All this shall be built on the land which, thanks to God, the Divine Providence shall later bestow on them.

On the third Sunday of each month, a general meeting shall be held for all souls called to devote themselves to God, and for those with religious vocations asking to join either Order, with the coordination of the General Advisor Father Hanna Khadra and under the care of His Lordship Bishop Becharra El Raai, at the provisional center for the nuns at Saint Simon El Aamoudy – Machhalan, 5 kms far from Jbeil.

For further information, phone the following numbers:
961 70 12 14 83 or 961 3 55 01 13

“Give alms out of thy substance, and turn not away thy face from any poor person: for so it shall not be turned from thee” (Tob 4/7)
“ If you have much give abundantly, if you have little take care even so to bestow willingly a little (Tob 4/9)

To help the two Orders build their monasteries and free centers relevant thereto, you may offer your donations at Credit Bank SAL. Swift code: C.B.C.B.L.B.B.E: on behalf of the Brothers of the Cross and the Sisters of Jesus Crucified.
Account number 9032652
For banking transfer:

IBAN No LB950103 0012 1002859032652003 (Lebanese Pound)
IBAN No LB940103 0012 1012859032652006 (American Dollar)

As the construction will be nearly all in natural rock and wood, you may donate whatever you wish to contribute in the way of wooden board, rock stones, or other building materials and installations, or help in the constructional work, everyone as much as he and his occupation can afford. Thus, each family and individual shall contribute to building these monasteries and centers.

Note: We certainly wish to move ahead with our project. However, we decline any donations coming from the following benefactors: drug dealers, night clubs As the intended building will be made entirely of simple natural stone, every offer and help will be appreciated as: a wooden beam, a stone, or any other building material or equipment, as well as labour costs, according to their means and ability. Through this, individuals and families will contribute to the building of religious houses and centres not merely for the members of the religious congregations but also for the children of Lebanon, for the rising generations and for young people owners, gambler, usurers, miserly toward his family, who has dishonest gain, who deprives the worker of his right, who protects the oppressed against the oppressor; supporters of abortion and euthanasia specially doctors, a person or establishment whom support birth control; commercial premises selling or displaying pictures, medicines, magazines, movies and other form of pornography; as well the owners of TV channels or radios and speakers who broadcast programmes contrary to morals or despise religion and clergy; the artists who display the immoral art; local’s leaders, security’s responsible and politicians, embassies who don’t demand publicly to stop all thing contrary to morals as mentioned above and despise women whether Lebanese or foreign.

P.O Box: 12 Amchit – Jbeil

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